How do I pay my Water and Sewer Bill?

1.You may pay your bill in person by check or cash at 4 School Street (Town Hall) 2.You may pay online at the town’s website – Once online, choose the pay bills on the left hand side. You can either pay by electronic check or by credit card. There is a .50 charge to pay by electronic check. If you pay by credit card please note there is a fee to process this payment. The fee schedule is on this site. This fee is imposed by the online payment center, not the town. 3.You may also contact your bank directly and have them issue a check through your checking account. If you do this, please make sure they have the correct mailing address and account number. 4.You can mail your check to Water Department 4 School Street, Merrimac Ma 01860. 5.You can also drop your payment in the drop slot at the entrance of the Town Hall on the wall to the right of the door, which is always available.

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